lands for sale in Turkey TURKEY CONTINUES ITS RISE FOR REALTY INVESTMENTS lands for sale in Turkey,Zaman,-,UK’s,daily,Telegraph,has,picked,the,world’s,20,best,places,for,real,estate,investments.,Turkey,a,country,that,saw,a,78,percent,increase,in,realty,acquisitions,by,foreigners,during,the,first,half,of,2013,made,its,entry,to,the,list,in,5th,place.,The,top,five,included,the,Spanish,city,of,Barcelona,the,French,Riviera,Caribbean,island,of,Grenada,Italy’s,Toscana,region,and,Turkey,Julian,Walker,from,Spot,Blue,International,Property,says,the,British,constituted,the,majority,of,the,clients,who,were,interested,in,buying,an,immovable,in,Turkey lands for sale in Turkey Zaman - UK’s daily Telegraph has picked the world’s 20 best places for real estate investments. Turkey, a country that saw a 78 percent increase in realty acquisitions by foreigners during the first half of 2013, made its entry to the list in 5th place. The top five included the Spanish city of Barcelona the French Riviera Caribbean island of Grenada Italy’s Toscana region and Turkey Julian Walker from Spot Blue International Property says the British constituted the majority of the clients who were interested in buying an immovable in Turkey